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The Federal Government: will provide a rebate of up to $1,600 for eligible home owners and up to $1,000 for rental accommodation, and in most cases this will cover the full cost* of ceiling insulation. You may also be eligible for a State Government grant in Victoria and NSW for a limited time only.

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Feel Warmer in Winter & Cooler in Summer
Slash the cost of heating and cooling
Reduce Greenhouse gases for a sustainable future
Fully installed for Free* for eligible homes

The Insulation Rebate scheme is targeting 2.7 million homes Australia wide which have never been insulated, and is not means tested. With an offer this good, demand will be unprecedented. Call 1300398766 now to confirm you are eligible, and book your free measure and quote to secure your free* fully installed ceiling insulation in time for winter. You can also email any questions to us at

Premium Quality Tontine Insulation:

The Leader in polyester insulation Long lasting batts which fit easily into your ceiling
Non-irritant and Hypoallergenic Non-toxic and made without chemicals
Won’t burn
Fully complies with Australian Standards
Fully complies with the Building Code of Australia
Accredited by Eco-Specifier
Australian made and owned

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* Conditions apply, and subject to Energy Efficient Homes Package eligibility criteria.