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Intershelter Envirodomes launches in Australia – Telecommunication Huts, Survival Dome Emergency Shelter

The Intershelter™ Dome distriuted in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands

We market the InterShelter™, a patented revolutionary portable shelter, made of a high-tech aerospace composite material, or cutting edge HD plastic that has bridged the gap from tents and trailers to traditionally built framed houses.

We are soon to build these wonderful affordable dome accomodation in Australia for the Oceania and Asia Markets

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Built to sustain hurricane strength winds or earthquakes and insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates, these structures can be assembled in just a few hours by three untrained people. The pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck, single helicopter sling, or a bush cargo plane and can be set up on almost any terrain.

These shelters are not only ideal for research needs, quarantine shelters, and emergency relief situations but will satisfy the needs of Homeland Security, the Military, Labor Housing, Homeless Communities and many more.

Easy Assembly
The Dome is a frame-less structure consisting of aerospace composite panels. It has the strength of a standard building but the mobility of a tent. One Dome can be assembled by two people in less than four hours with nothing more than a screwdriver, wrench and step ladder.

When unassembled, the enclosure can fit into the back of a pickup truck, trailer or small container and easily transported anywhere in the world. It can be repeatedly taken down and reassembled while retaining its structural integrity.

An exterior gel coat which is virtually indestructible covers the panels. This gel coat is resistant to sun, snow, rain or temperatures over 120°F or below 0°F. The gel coat is molded into the fiberglass giving the Intershelter Dome incredible structural strength.

Dome in the Snow Build – Just Imagine