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Intershelter Envirodomes launches in Australia – Telecommunication Huts, Survival Dome Emergency Shelter

The Intershelter™ Dome distriuted in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands

We market the InterShelter™, a patented revolutionary portable shelter, made of a high-tech aerospace composite material, or cutting edge HD plastic that has bridged the gap from tents and trailers to traditionally built framed houses.

We are soon to build these wonderful affordable dome accomodation in Australia for the Oceania and Asia Markets

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Built to sustain hurricane strength winds or earthquakes and insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates, these structures can be assembled in just a few hours by three untrained people. The pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck, single helicopter sling, or a bush cargo plane and can be set up on almost any terrain.

These shelters are not only ideal for research needs, quarantine shelters, and emergency relief situations but will satisfy the needs of Homeland Security, the Military, Labor Housing, Homeless Communities and many more.

Easy Assembly
The Dome is a frame-less structure consisting of aerospace composite panels. It has the strength of a standard building but the mobility of a tent. One Dome can be assembled by two people in less than four hours with nothing more than a screwdriver, wrench and step ladder.

When unassembled, the enclosure can fit into the back of a pickup truck, trailer or small container and easily transported anywhere in the world. It can be repeatedly taken down and reassembled while retaining its structural integrity.

An exterior gel coat which is virtually indestructible covers the panels. This gel coat is resistant to sun, snow, rain or temperatures over 120°F or below 0°F. The gel coat is molded into the fiberglass giving the Intershelter Dome incredible structural strength.

Dome in the Snow Build – Just Imagine

AirBreeze and Whisper Small Wind Turbines Distributed by edenPOWER

Whisper 100
The Whisper 100 is designed to operate in a site with medium to high wind speed averages of 12 mph (5.4 m/s) and greater. The 100 provides 100+ kWh per month, 3.4 kWh per day, in a 12 mph average wind. Worried about sound? The Whisper 100 is one of the quietest wind turbines ever tested by the National Renewable Energy Labs. Sound Report.

Air Breeze – Marine
Small wind electric systems can deliver serious energy. This is just one lesson people are learning all around the world. From remote homes and cabins to rural communications towers and monitoring stations, people are using small wind system to generate inexpensive energy, right where it’s needed. And for a great many of these people, the system of choice is Southwest Windpower’s Air generator.

Air X is no longer available is replaced by the AIR30
The AIR is by far the world’s number one selling small wind turbine.In late 2001 we introduced an entirely new level of technology which previously was only found in today’s state-of-the-art mega-watt-class wind turbines.
The Air X incorporates a new microprocessor-based technology that results in increased performance, improved battery charging capability, greater reliability and the reduction of “flutter” noise from the machine.

Telecommunications – Renewable Energy Solutions

The Most-Used Wind Turbines for Telecommunication Sites

No matter how much or how little energy your site requires, we have a small wind turbine to match your needs. Installing just one Southwest Windpower turbine on your site can save thousands of dollars per year of generator run-time. And our AIR wind generator can be installed in just a few hours without a tower.

How Can a Small Wind Turbine Help on Your Site?

If your remote site has an average 9 mph (4 m/s) wind resource or better (whether the site is grid-connected or off-grid with a battery bank), a small wind system will work. Every time the wind blows, an AIR wind turbine reduces the run time on your gas generator, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs.
It’s easy to install, too. The AIR can be attached to the side of an existing communications tower using available hardware, then connected directly to your batteries.
See the chart below to determine whether our AIR fits your needs, or if you require something larger such as our Whisper or Skystream 3.7 turbines.
The chart below shows the estimated kilowatt hours a month produced by each wind turbine. Your turbine’s performance may vary depending on its location.
Wind (m/s) 3.1 3.6 4 4.5 4.9 5.4 5.8 6.3 6.7 7.2
AIR 4 8 12 18 24 30 37 43 48 53
Whisper 100 25 37 53 71 91 114 138 162 187 212
Whisper 500 124 194 274 366 464 567 670 771 868 958
Skystream 3.7 80 105 175 230 300 400 450 495 560 585
How to Purchase a Wind Turbine.
We can help you design a system uniquely suited to your needs.
To get started, contact a edenPOWER Wind power representatives on 1300 398766.

Skystream 600 delayed to Australia

Southwest Windpower Unveils Skystream 600 Wind Turbine

Southwest Windpower recently unveiled its newest and most efficient small wind turbine, the Skystream 600.

Launched at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Southwest Windpower says the Skystream 600 produces 74% percent more electricity than its predecessor, the Skystream 3.7, and states it is the most efficient power grid-connected wind turbine in its class.

This turbine is now not available for general release into the global market for possibly 12months and may not make into the Australian market for 36months.

By all means please call us on 1300398766 if you would like further information

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Global warming not only adversely affects the supply and demand of food, as well as the living conditions for human beings, but also the balance of the Earth’s important ecological systems. For the future of all living things on Earth we must quickly develop other sources of energy to replace fossil fuels.

The control of an energy source such as petroleum by a limited number of countries, invites international warfare and can throw the global economy into turmoil. Solar and wind power favors no single region and is a clean source of energy. Companies involved in solar and wind power generation are helping the world to look beyond short-term profit taking, to the advancement of society from a long-term perspective.


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Kyocera d.Blue Module has highest conversion efficiency

Kyocera has perfected its new d.Blue surface treatment technology and has now introduced it across its whole range of modules. The newly developed treatment method processes multi-crystalline silicon cells in order to produce a surface texture that minimizes surface reflectance and maximizes output. The result is a maximum conversion efficiency of 17.5%. This is the highest conversion efficiency in the polycrystalline module industry.

d.Blue is ideal for installation on all types of buildings, from residential to large scale commercial systems. The stylish dark blue cells blend in easily with the surrounding architecture or environment while producing energy at exceptional efficiencies.

All KC modules now feature d.Blue technology, from 40W through to 200W. All T and TM modules have an IP65 junction box, while GT models feature Multi-Contact™ output cables for simple grid-connect installation. All KC modules feature heavy-duty anodized aluminium frame with box-style walls and a 20-year power output warranty.

For further specifications, please click here

Ku-ring-gai Council – Sustainability Reference Group

On 12th May 2009 Ku-ring-gai council resolved that the Sustainability Reference Committee will consist of 18 community members, with Councilor Steven Holland as Chairperson and Councilor Elaine Malicki, Mayor as Deputy Chairperson. It has also confirmed that Mr Dyer a Director at edenPOWER has been invited to the Ku-ring-gai Council – Sustainability Reference Group

Ku-ring-gai Council Sustainability

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