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Kyocera d.Blue Module has highest conversion efficiency

Kyocera has perfected its new d.Blue surface treatment technology and has now introduced it across its whole range of modules. The newly developed treatment method processes multi-crystalline silicon cells in order to produce a surface texture that minimizes surface reflectance and maximizes output. The result is a maximum conversion efficiency of 17.5%. This is the highest conversion efficiency in the polycrystalline module industry.

d.Blue is ideal for installation on all types of buildings, from residential to large scale commercial systems. The stylish dark blue cells blend in easily with the surrounding architecture or environment while producing energy at exceptional efficiencies.

All KC modules now feature d.Blue technology, from 40W through to 200W. All T and TM modules have an IP65 junction box, while GT models feature Multi-Contact™ output cables for simple grid-connect installation. All KC modules feature heavy-duty anodized aluminium frame with box-style walls and a 20-year power output warranty.

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