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How can you prepare for a rainy day? The answer is blowing in the wind.
Small wind electric systems can deliver serious energy. This is just one lesson people are learning all around the world. From remote homes and cabins to rural communications towers and monitoring stations, people are using small wind system to generate inexpensive energy, right where it’s needed. And for a great many of these people, the system of choice is Southwest Windpower’s Air generator.

Today, Air Breeze, the new generation of the world’s best-selling small wind generator, powers countless lights, radios, computers, tools and appliances. It is also used widely to complement solar PV systems. Air Breeze is a perfect choice for hybrid wind/solar systems that provide you with the most reliable year-round energy supply.

Wind energy is clean energy
This isn’t just any energy. Air Breeze produces non-polluting electricity. No fossil fuels are mined or burned to make this electricity. No carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. With Air Breeze and the power of the wind, you can forget about carbon footprints.

There is also a marine model available. Please qualify requirements at time of order.

Air Breeze Land Specifications

What’s In Air Breeze What it means to you
Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking Improved performance. Optimized energy output. Improved battery charging. Reduced sound.
3 durable composite blades Increased reliability and durability. Reduced sound.
Brushless neodymium alternator More efficient energy delivery with no maintenance.
Only two moving parts Increased reliability. Reduced need for maintenance.
Technical Specifications
Rotor diameter 46 in (1.17 m)
Weight 13 lb (5.9 kg)
Shipping dimensions 27 x 12.5 x 9 in (686 x 318 x 229 mm) 17 lb (7.7 kg)
Mount 1.5 in schedule 40 1.9 in (48 mm) OD pipe
Start-up wind speed 6 mph (2.68 m/s)
Voltage 12 and 24 VDC
Rated power 200 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)
Turbine controller Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking
Body Cast aluminum (Air Breeze Marine is powder coated for corrosion protection)
Blades Injection-molded composite (3)
Overspeed protection Patented electronic torque control
Monthly Energy Production 38 kWh/mo at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)
Survival wind speed 110 mph (49.2 m/s)
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Based on preliminary testing data.

How it works…



Product Brochure: Skystream 3.7Air Breeze Brochure(315 KB)